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Twelve women, all wearing costumes of brown and cream, take various poses onstage. Julia is center stage, crouched on a black wooden box.

"Notables among the cast include... Julia Fisher as Eurycleia who is laser guided to raise Telemachus as her own." -Mark Horning, critic

"The 12-woman supporting cast is strong. Each effectively plays various roles by changes of voice, body positions, and slight costume alterations." -Roy Berko, Cool Cleveland



She Kills Monsters

Monster Fight Core

Ohio Shakespeare Festival | Tess Burgler

The Penelopiad


Ensemble Theatre | Celeste Cosentino

Meet the Playwrights

Various Characters

Playwrights Local (Staged Readings)

Soror Mystica


Cleveland Public Theatre, Pandemonium



BorderLight International Theatre Festival | Roger Titley

Cabin Crush

Various Characters

Cleveland Play House & Arizona State University (Staged Reading) |

Tim Keo

The Princess and the Nightingale

Princess September

Talespinner Children’s Theatre | Tim Maca

Fantasies and Nightmares


Playwrights Local (Staged Reading) | Jessica Swank

The Shoes that Wore Themselves Out

Princess Mazurka

Talespinner Children’s Theatre, PLAYground Festival | Jacob Boyle

Parodying Fiction


Playwrights Local, The Mac Wellman Homecoming Festival

The Glass Menagerie

Laura Wingfield

John Carroll University | Karen Gygli

I Hate Hamlet

Felicia Dantine

John Carroll University | Martin Friedman

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